Things over the Internet Exchange.

ThingsIX is a decentralized global Internet of Things network, built to reward gateway operators for providing reliable coverage and for delivering reliable data to end users by using blockchain technology.

ThingsIX introduces unique trusted mapping hardware to give a new dimension to network coverage and validation. Any existing or new LoRa®-gateway will be able to join the ThingsIX network.

ThingsIX is built on

Bringing together the best of technology.

No value without coverage. ThingsIX uses secure and trusted mappers to determine real-world practical coverage provided by gateways.
All participants receive a fair compensation for their contribution to ThingsIX.

ThingsIX is designed to support mission-critical applications with high availability requirements.

ThingsIX is governed by a non-profit foundation. All transactions occur on a public blockchain for everybody to see, verify and direct interact with.
2022 Q1
Proof of concept
In January 2022 the idea behind ThingsIX was born. The ThingsIX Core Developers designed and built the first prototype ThingsIX mappers and wrote the first proof-of-concept code. Proving that the idea could be turned into reality.
2022 Q3
ThingsIX Foundation
In June 2022 the ThingsIX Foundation (formally "Stichting ThingsIX Foundation") was established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, taking headquarters in the Evoluon, the landmark of Dutch engineering.
2022 Q4
Data Network
In 2022 Q4 we plan to launch the data network of ThingsIX, allowing LoRa®-gateway operators to start exchanging LoRa® packets with end-users. At this moment no rewards will be paid and documentation will be limited.
2023 Q1
Beta ThingsIX Mappers
In 2023 Q1 we plan to supply the first (EU868-based) Beta ThingsIX mappers to interested participants to be ready once the network fully launched
2023 Q2
Launch of ThingsIX Main-net
Later in 2023 Q2 we will fully launch the ThingsIX Main-net. This will mark the start of the issuance of rewards in ThingsIX ERC20-tokens on the Polygon L2 blockchain. Rewards will be used based on the coverage mapped by ThingsIX Mappers.
2024 Q1
Adding support for Less-Secure Mappers
Beginning of 2024 regular LoRaWAN® mappers supplied by ThingsIX Router operators will be able to do Less-Secure Mapping
2024 Q2
Global support of ThingsIX Mappers
In 2024 we will expand the support of ThingsIX mappers for other frequencies and regions to achieve global support.
The ThingsIX Foundation will receive a share of the rewards to be able to maintain and develop the ThingsIX Network forever.

The latest news around ThingsIX

January, 2022
ThingsIX Foundation has been established
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
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April, 2022
An innovative perspective on mapping
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
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May, 2022
Launch of ThingsIX Corporate Identity
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established.
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June, 2022
Deployment of first smart contracts
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
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July, 2022
The progression of Polygon Network
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established.
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September, 2022
Dfinity, Dfinity...
The foundation of ThingsIX has officially been established in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
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About ThingsIX
ThingsIX is committed to developing a safer and more decentralized LoRaWAN® network, emphasizing a fair distribution of costs and benefits for both users and gateway operators. Our goal is to enhance connectivity through advanced technologies while pursuing an inclusive and sustainable model.

Unlike other LoRaWAN® networks, ThingsIX distinguishes itself with its non-profit status. This unique position allows us to focus entirely on the community's interests without the pressures of profit-making, leading to more innovative and community-oriented solutions.

Financial Position
ThingsIX is supported by funding from various sources, all aimed at establishing a solid foundation for development, security, setup, network servers, datacentres, integration, and maintenance. A small portion of future usage revenues is allocated for the network's continuity, maintenance, and updates, ensuring sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Call to Investors
As we strengthen our community network, we focus on expanding our market position and capabilities. We are looking for partners, investors, and stakeholders willing to participate and recognize the potential of ThingsIX, to collaboratively advance our unique connectivity solutions and accelerate market penetration. Your involvement offers the opportunity to be part of a revolutionary movement in IoT connectivity. We invite you to join ThingsIX in exploring and realizing new possibilities in global connectivity. Your engagement will contribute not only to the growth of the global LoRaWAN® ThingsIX network but also to exploring new markets and technologies from a strong market position.